Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dedication Weekend

This past weekend (5th/6th- late post) was my god-daughter Dayle's Dedication. 

Saturday was the dedication service in the church, followed by lunch.

Blazer| Danice   Top|Pretty Girl   Pants| Danice   Shoes| Rainbow
(discount shopper lookin fly :D)

Sunday was the Party where all was invited ( family and friends)

Top| Conway (old)   Pants| Danice

It was a very special and fun weekend!

Isn't she cute?! Love her!!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Dry Bar

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to blow out my natural hair...just for a change. I did some research on 'Dry Barr' Salon (Upper East Side Location) and liked what
 I heard and saw so I decided to try them out.

Loved the results! I have nothing bad to say about this place

They served drinks, were friendly, on time, organized and they even gave out free umbrellas ( it was raining that day)

Pin Curls (next day, by me)

I will be returning!!

My stylist Instagram~ @mustluvhair

Also, yesterday I got my ends trimmed at a dominican salon in my neighborhood. They needed it badly


Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Trends

Here are some looks I came across

1. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
The fringe trend is definitely hot right now. Whether its your cardigan, handbag
or even your scarf that's fringed, you will
 be very much trendy

2. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Draya is rocking a cute matching two piece. This trend
also looks great with a midi skirt

3. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Hitting 3 birds with one pic; cropped tops, joggers and the cool girly-tomboy
look is definitely a few of my faves for this spring.

4. via ladypigalle ~ instagram
Kitten heels? Yes. Put away your 6 inch pumps and
get trendy and more comfortable with 2-3 inch
heels for your date ;)

Which is your favorite trend?
Any other trends to add? Leave them in the comments. Thanks!


Friday, March 21, 2014


I broke down and bought a new wig the other day. 
My goal was to get something curly but nothing sat right with me, so I went with a long bob.

Check out the video where I get more in depth about the piece

Vivica A fox Hair Collection
~ green product~
(curling iron safe)
WP-Tamara-V (1b)


Friday, March 14, 2014


I started a new series on my You Tube Channel called 'Friday Quicky'. 
The idea behind it is to upload quick videos (about 1-3 min each) every Friday; from tutorials/how to's, outfits, vlogs...

This week I started out with styling Joggers


Blaze it Up

Necklace| Danice  Blouse| Danice   Blazer| Danice   Joggers| Danice   Bag| Mom's   Shoes| Rainbow

Sporty Chic TREND!

Lippy| NK 'Violet'   Necklace| H&M   Top| H&M   Shoes| DSW   Wallet?| Strawberry

Tom Boy-ish

Necklace| :/   Top| F21   Boots| Tempo   Bag| Rainbow


Lippy| NK ' Apricot'   Top| Rainbow   Denim jacket| Thrift   Kicks| Puma

Which look is your fav?


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Selfie Sunday

This whole selfie thing has gotten out of hand right?
 No! I love it lol I call myself the selfie queen. I'm forced into it though cause I like taking pics with my phone but I have no one to take it for me most times

Well here I had a little free time and decided to try out a couple simple looks featuring my high waist jeans

 (pics edited (badly) via Instagram)
 Lippie| NK 'Violet'   Top| Thrifted   Necklace| F21   Denim Shirt| H&M   Jeans| Weekend

 Lippie| NK 'Apricot'   Top| Conway   Cardigan| H&M

 Lippie| NK 'Violet'   Top| F21   Cardigan| Independant Vendor

Lippie| NK 'Almond' lipstick & Iris Colors 'Winky Pinky' Lip gloss
Vest| Thrifted  TShirt| Kmart

Hope your week starts off Right!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Casually (faux) Fur

I found this faux fur vest at the thrift store last week and I could not wait to wear it!

I plan on wearing it everywhere  (except class) with anything. It's too cute.

I wore this outfit this past Friday to go to a house lime (hangout) that never happened. C'est la vie lol

 Vest| Thrift    Shirt| h&m    Top|h&m    Leggings| h&m    Shoes| Rainbow      Bag| random


Do you thrift shop? What was your latest find?


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