Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Wedding

A few pictures from a friend's wedding I attended last weekend. 
Had such a great time! 

The bride and her father

Her dress was very pretty

 Lighting of the candle

During the groom's speech,  he  informed us that, in my words,
him and his wife had not yet made love.
That touched me. You  don't see that much these days.
They waited.

My friend Reina and I. She knows the Bride as well

ps. Reina has all the pictures on her fancy camera
but you never see any of them lol

I invited ma gurl Rene as my plus 1

(my necklace and top from Rainbow)

Congrats Kevin and Stacey


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outfit| Dressy/Semi Casual feat. loose fit mini-dress

My dress is from F21 and the cardigan is so old
I cant remember where from. You guys know
my bag is from Rainbow cause I wear it
religiously :) Booties by City Classified

I had this outfit in mind to wear to church but when I put
it together the dress was a bit too short.
I would prefer to wear this on a casual date, to a recital,
baby-shower or something like that.

Would you rock this look?

Looking for a trendy dark lippy for cheap?
Check out NK lipshine
I'm wearing 'woody brown'


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Me and Her (1.3.16)

She is such a blessing in my life
Things are not always easy but  when I look at her,
she makes it better.
God bless her, my love, my Anna-Leah

Happy Sunday


Monday, January 25, 2016

Outfit| Casual feat. Timbs Boots

Hope everyone is doing well

Was stuck in the house for 2 days because of blizzard 2016
I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't have anywhere
to go, but just the thought on not being able to leave the house
had me some type of way lol

Here is my outfit that has nothing to do with the blizzard

Vest: H&M
Sweater: F21
Pants: Weekend
Boots: Timbs
Bag: rainbow



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obsessed with this Blazer

This dope olive Blazer strikes again!

 Top: Rainbow
Blazer: Rainbow
Bag: Rainbow
Shoes: De'Jeniero (2014)
Pants: F21 Red...$5!!!
What? Yes! Bin eyeing it for so long but I couldnt
bring myself to buy it because I  have so many
black pants already. But at $5  couldn't leave it
behind this time!


Had to cut my hair again
I'll talk all about it in a upcoming post and vid on YouTube

What clothing item are you currently obsessed with?


snapchat: trinibkbabejen2

Monday, January 18, 2016

Plaid Baby- OOTD

Remember this dress I featured in my
' Dress to Impress' Post?

Anna finally wore it to church this past Sunday

(It was a spur of the moment photo shoot, hence the background)

I let her play wit her shoes to keep her happy and quiet :)
Honestly it added a little more cuteness to the pics

 Decided to match her stockings to one of the more muted colors 
in the dress. Of course red or off white would've
matched parfectly

Everything gifted from Baby Gap (except bow)



Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Godly Reminder


This past Sunday at Church the word really spoke to me, 
like it always does. Be careful who you share your business, thoughts
 and ideas with. Most of us get caught up in friendships and
 leaning on the wrong people and we forget about the one who will always 
be there for us. God. How is your relationship with Him?
 I promised myself this year to get closer to Him.
 I know of him but do I really know Him.
 I want God to be my best friend. I want to remember that I can
 always talk to Him because most times
 I forget that he is there for me. 
Put God first; in the good times and bad.
 Build your relationship with Him.
 Praise Him and ask for help when needed. 
A good friend is there through the good and bad; that is God. 
Humans disappoint. God does not.
I'm not saying that you should not have 
friends or you should not have someone you can talk to in the flesh,
 but is that person of God? Is that person saved?
 Is that person filled with the Holy Spirit?
 Does that person really know God and not only know about him?
 If you answered yes to one of these that person will
 most  likely be able to give sound Godly advice.
 If not I urge you to keep your business to yourself.
 "But shes is my best friend. she wishes me well" 
Yes but is he/she of Christ?
You will definitely loose some "friends" but gain a trusted one! 
Are you ready to get to know Him??
*Raises hand*