Friday, May 5, 2017

The Journey- 7 months post big -chop HAIR LOOKS

Welcome back J readers. I was going to leave this post till I hit the 1 years mark but I couldn't wait. 

For my coils I usually use a leave in, oil and gel. I coiled my hair about 5 times thus far and probably only once I was satisfied with the results.

Combed Out 
My hair combed out...from the coils I think 

I love how my waves flourish with this style. But the thing is, I never got the back to lay flat for more than a day. I used eco style olive oil gel and even the gorilla snot gel...and, nope

Wash and Go
I think I used gel for this one. I used a few products for my wash and go over the months, but none defines my hair like gel...well, so far.

My favorite style of wig but I could never wear it longer than one week  

Mini Braids
My favorite protective hairstyle. I'm so glad I can braid my own hair!

I have a love/hate relationship with this style. For it to look amazing, all must go well. This time, I think I nailed it 

Bob Braids
These professional African braids cost me about $175. One of the reasons why I kept them in for 2 months. I really enjoyed the style though. 

I could see a little growth coming through with these coils. I can only wear these for a couple days.

Crochet with kaneklon.
Loved this look. I might do it again soon. Gel held the wave better than hot water. Wore this look for about 4 weeks. 

Wash and Go
This wash and go was bomb. Used the usual products to achieve this. Usually this style last about 4 days for me. 

I just like this picture lol. Got me another wig. My usual style. 

Twist and Rod set
From my wash I go I added water, twist my hair and added rods. It was a bit flakey but it looked cute for a couple days.

Twist, faux locs, twists 
Was bored of the twists after a couple days so I turned them into goddess locs. They were popping until they stared falling out. Was able to rock the twist for 5 weeks. 

Dirty Cute Hair
Usually when I take out twists or braids I like to do a pre-poo. I added water and castor oil, and rocked this cute look for a day, then wash it the next day.

Wash and Go
Another one. First one using the coconut eco style gel and I love it.

Which is you favorite look?

More to come!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The past week...

Oh Hey, I'm back. Due to me switching phones, I was not able to post on schedule. I also lost a few pics so BOO. I'm back on track now and decided to share a few pics with you from over the past week or so...

This was the day I took out the twists (dirty hair) I added castor oil and water to my hair and was left with some puffy coils.
Top from F21, cardigan from Target (old), 

The last days with the twists. Rocked it for almost 4 weeks. Here im wearing Sasha highlight powder for the first time and didn't know how I felt about it yet. (I really like it now...)

First upper 70s day so I had to represent with a crop top...from Rainbow. Hubby got me those gold addidas for Christmas.
Hair in a wash and go.

Up close of the wash and go. I used Shea  moisture castor oil leave in, castor oil and coconut eco style gel.

This was today. Good old 80s weather we all bin waiting on. Top and shoes from Rainbow.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Goddess Locs (no tut)

I was rocking twists for about 2-3 days then decided to turn them into faux locs. 
The process was long and tedious, but at least they don't hurt like the first time I did it here

Hopefully I can rock them for at least 3 weeks 


The process
1. Twist/braid hair
2. Add rods and dip in hot water
3. Wrap twists/braids up to curly end and burn to secure.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Camo another way

Same top as last post, styled differently. I'll be getting lots of wear out of this piece I see!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tied Up Too OOTD (spring)

Hey J readers, another casual 'tied up' outfit. 

I'm wearing this bodysuit from my spring haul (Pay Half), high-waisted jeans (H&M), denim shirt (H&M) and the oldest boots I own. I usually buy my boots from Rainbow, Dr Jays or Tempo.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Tied up OOTD (spirng)

Hi J readers. Wearing my top from Zara and Jeans from H&M. Shirt is pretty old from H&M (they always re stock plaid) and boots are decades old, but I love them. So comfy.

This is a perfect spring outfit. Throw on a denim or leather jacket and you're good to go 


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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another BLACK dress OOTN- #WCW

Hey J readers, thanks for stopping by.

How many black dresses do you own? For a minimalist, I own way too much! Expecting another one in the mail soon *hides face*. In my defence I ordered it a month ago for this event and it didn't get here on time, blah,so I had to buy this new one. (Good excuse right?) 

Wells, this dress is form Zara $20, as seen in my spring haul. I was told it looked better on my shoulders rather than off my shoulders.

Earrings are old from Burlington (best jewelry), boots from Rainbow (my fave) and bag from Rainbow $13. 
Tell Rainbow to sponsor your girl pleaseee lol