Cute + Sexy Valentine's Day Outfits

 Well V Day is coming up, any plans? If all goes well, we might step out during the week for a little dinner... but who knows. Let's just have a little fun with these. I absolutely love this two piece set from Social Apparel~ Downtown Brooklyn NY Who's up for a little bronze? Necessary Clothing Soho Manhattan NY, a couple years ago. Shoes from BooHoo- recent (UPDATE: when I went to Necessary Clothing September 2020 it was a mess but the manager promised new pieces in stock by end of 2020) Top from Boo Hoo, heels from Shein andJeans Denim & Co via Stitch Fix Be Good to Yourself jen

A Quick Simple Pizza

 Hey, so, any flat bread or anything can work. Plain or whole wheat, it can work. No pizza sauce? No problem, use ketchup! Not much. Lather on your favorite toppings. I personally like some veggies but sometimes add bacon. Mozzarella cheese! Place directly on oven rack for about 15 minutes or until you ready. Slide off the rack with a fork onto a plate. I add red pepper flakes and done. Happy Eating kids Be Good to Yourself jen.

SHEIN haul...a Look

 Hey Jay readers!! OLD POST!! 2020 really threw us through a LOOP. I'm trying to get back into blogging, so bare with me guys. I picked up some cool things at Shein the other day and did a haul. Check it out below. This is on outfit I came up with. Hope you like. Top: Shein Jeans: Wax Jeans Shoe: Miss Lola Just incase you missed the haul! Take Care of Yourself  Jen

Anna OOTD 18

(Old Post) My Love is back! Anna loves taking pics now so hopefully you will see her face here more often! Dress: DKNY via. Cookies Jelly: Target Peace. Love. Justice J

Tie- Dye

The Tie-Dye trend is on and poppin this summer I see. It's all over! If you don't have a Tie-Dye piece in your closet, what you doing??? I put together a couple outfits featuring some inexpensive  tie-dye pieces. Hope you like! Peace. Love. Justice J

Kindergarten Graduate!

My 5/o graduated Kindergarten! Words cannot explain how proud  I am. It has not bin easy given the whole home schooling situation, but it showed her that hard work pays off. Many mornings Anna did not want to do her work, and honestly neither did I (ha), but I had to give her the 'work hard play hard' talk and  push through. She was very proud of herself at the end of it all  especially when the awards  started flowing in! Congratulations my Love May you continue to soar to  Higher heights guided and Protected by God. Peace. Love. Justice J

Black Businesses via. INSTAGRAM

Let's keep the coins flowing in the  black community. This is a list of some black entrepreneurs  I follow on the gram! @elevynthirty Click here Ambrosia Shop here @unrulyjewelry Purchase here @mattebrand Click here @mysavoirfaire Smell here @_melaniemarie_ Shop here @rirvyoo Purchase here @solelavish Step here Be sure to follow if you don't already and support their hustle! Peace Love Justice J Support Black Businesses