Sunday, April 15, 2012

OUTFIT: 'Brownin'

What up?

This is what I wore on Friday, April 13th.  Hooked up with some cool peeps that day and had a pretty good time:)

Shirt: H&M- Last year
Belt: Aldo
Leggings: Pretty Girl (do not sleep)
Boots: Aldo
Tank: -
Coat- XOXO

Went to this bar/lounge called Pop burger on East 58th street Manhattan for a late dinner.

It was a little slow for a Friday night (they closed at 10.30pm) and the chicken spring roll I ordered was good, but different from what I expected/ had before.

I drank a mojito which was a bit small and not well made for the price :/
You win some and you lose some right??

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Oh! Isn't this shorts adorable?? @ H&M


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  1. You look soo cute, your hair looks really good here.


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