Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi there
This was my first sushi experience.

After having a drink at BBQ on 3rd av. We walked across to Jebon: St Marks Pl & 2nd ave.
I decided to order the platter with all the different kinds of sushi. I wanted to taste them all so I'll know which on is my favorite for next time.

Tuna, Crab, Yellow tail, Salmon etc...

                                        About to try it                                         First taste

                                                                              I Like!!

My friend told me I "ate it wrong". I was supposed to put the whole thing in my mouth!

I liked the crab and those rice rolls ( though I had to take the avocados out) the best. That's probably not the name if it, but hey...

                                                                      Nice decor.
Lippie: Mac 'ruby woo'
Shirt: Forever21

                                                                    Walking Home

Quick Pic of MAC's 'Snob' lipstick. I got a few things. I'll swatch them soon :)


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