Friday, June 29, 2012

FASHION: DIY- swimsuit cover

I'm sure you all have seen Andrea's Choice very creative video on how to make a super cute bikini cover up!! If not, come out from under that rock and check out the video here :p

Now, I don't have an old cotton dress, so for my first try I opt for an old pencil skirt that got oil stained.

This is what I did

1. Put card board between the skirt to avoid nipping the other side of the skirt. Then I start slowly cutting it into strips until I reach the waist band.

                                         2. I gently pull each string so they become rounded


3. I carefully tie adjacent strings together in knots, row by row (watch the video)

4. I cut off the bottom hem/fold and tag

Not too shabby!!

(OUTFIT with a real bikini next time, lol)

Next time I will try it with something flared (not straight/pencil)



  1. very cool! you've got skills :)

  2. that is such a great idea - thank for sharing, Jen!!!

  3. Thanks ladies. Glad you like :)


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