Thursday, July 5, 2012


Bunked in Md (Maryland) and partied in DC (Washington DC)

Just take a look at the pics!! LOL

6.29.12- 7.1.12

                 Just step foot in the hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn (it was storming that night!!)

                                                    First outing, heading to a friends house

          When we got to the house, the boys were having fun helping clean up the mess the storm made!

                Dang. This is what the neighbor had to deal with. Like a true Trini, I took a pic next to it.

The next day. This is what I wore to the BBQ (maxi: forever 21)

 That night, after club Taste as usual no one wanted to take my pic shot :/ (Dress: 'Know Style')

I also got to meet up with ma girl Pam who moved back to Md after visiting NY

 I hit the pool and hot tub before the cub and also Sunday morning before checking out (Swimsuit: Sears)

                                               Goodbye 6th floor. 'The Thinker"(sort of)

                                                                 Quick shot of the hotel

After saying my goodbyes. About to hop in the truck to head back to NY!!

DC, it was...OK


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