Monday, August 27, 2012

RE-DO: Desk Lamp

... tho lamps can't see *scratches chin*

Ahright. My desk lamp's color wasn't cutting it anymore (the top was green), so I brought out the paint!!

I gave it one full coat of Acrylic paint: Licorice- Plaid ( except  the knob at the back)

Luckily I put it on to see that the green was still showing through the top!!

When the 1st coat dried, I went in with a thick second coat painting the knob as well ... and voila, it's back in action.

Downside: The paint will chip easily since I use this lamp a lot so I have to be careful. I even decided not to put my pens and pencils in it anymore.

Upside: It looks dapper!

Paint is a wonderful thing :)


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