Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OUTFIT: Pop that Color!

Movie season is back!!

If you didn't know i'm a big cinema person. i need my monthly fix! :D
This is what I wore to go see the movie End of Watch (great movie!)

In front of Brooklyn Law School

Denim jacket: 'H&M' (spring 2012)
Shirt: 'Danice'
Jeans: 'Tick Tock'
Hidden wedge sneaker- boots: 'Rainbow'
Clutch: Re-Do

 Borough Hall train Station 

Bang Bang

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

RE-DO: From Bag to Clutch!

This idea just came to me while searching through my bags.

This is not an Original Coach bag, calm down lol

 The camera is doing it justice I tell ya

The bag was old, dirty and I haven't used it in ages. Why not turn it into something that I would most definitely use?! A clutch!

Lets go

I carefully cut the bag up

 This re-do would not be possible with out my mom.
Here she is, hard at work!!

 Measuring the flap- 3.5"

 Steaming the edges down to get it flat and crisp!

Ta Dah!!!

Fasteners were added to clip the flap down
Clutch, get ready to get beat!!

(there was also more material left over to make another clutch!!)

My mom is super talented. LOVE Her!!!!
Please visit her BLOG

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Friday, September 21, 2012

RE-DO: Old Hat DIY

 Do it yo self!!

This cap is at least five years old.

I'm not ready to get rid of it just yet! Soooo Bedazzle!!

I got the rhinestones from a fabric store 2.99/pk

I used a glue gun to glue the rhinestones on the hat.
(I used tweezers also)

Quick sketch. What is it?

Looking good

Probably should't have put the reinstones on the peak of the hat...

Also to get rid of all that fly-away glue, I touched it up with the tip of a hot iron! Melt most of 'em right off

Tah dah!! Hello...Kitty...Doggy?? lol

I did OK for my first time bedazzling. I'm looking for pink studs to add to it.
Look out for an Update post :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MAKEUP: My Ombre Lips

In case you missed it, go check out my Video on my YouTube channel. See how I achieve this lip look!!


Wet&Wild 'color icon' lip pencil - purple/violet
Mac: lipstick- Amplified 'Up the Amp' 
Mac: lipstick- 'Viva Glam Nicki' satin

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Know What You Did last Summer: 2012

I few random pics taken over the summer :)

 Pool @ Jones Beach

 Bare Legs & Sandals

 Best bantu- out ever!! Boat ride Fit

 Ice cream, always on a cone

Was very proud of team Trinidad & Tobago @ the Olympics!

 First time eating Chipotle! Pretty good I must say.

 Shorts Shorts #Trini

 Yummy Nathan's Coney Island!

 Blow dry Flat Ironed hair- braid out

 Failed Burgundy hair color

 Love my strappy tops! hair: mini twists

 Wavy pony tail lol

 Of course my Birthday!!

 Soon, no more leaves. Awww

Will really miss showing my legs


Monday, September 17, 2012

STYLE IDEAS: Fun with Leggings & Pantyhose..

Fall is almost here. Lets all be stylish together :)

 Burgundy sheer Pantyhose
Worn with: Dress: 'H&M' (summer 2012) and Taupe wedge pumps: 'Necessary Collection'

~~Throw over a nice cardigan or blazer and be the best dressed, (other than the bride), at a Fall Wedding, a baby-shower ;),  Birthday party, you name it!!

 Black pattern opaque pantyhose
Worn with: Grey sweater dress :' Know Style' (2011), Thick socks and Brown wedge sneaker boots:' Rainbow'

~~Funky and comfy for school! (Dress is longer than pictured)  Also a cool look for the Movies or shopping.

 Green sheer Pantyhose
Worn with: Gold skirt: 'Charlotte Russe' (2011) and Snake skin print pumps: 'KMart'

~~Turn heads at the Dinner table :)

 Grey pattern Leggings
Worn with: Over-sized T shirt (not pictured), thick grey socks and Jordan's

~~Swagalicious (cant believe I used that "word") Great for movie hopping, hanging out etc.

Purple sheer pantyhose
Worn with: Aztec skirt and Color Block heels: 'Rainbow' (ages ago)

~~If you don't mind wearing your pantyhose with peep toe heels then go for this look. Be even more daring by wearing colored pantyhose with it!!

Will be showing full outfit looks of these when I actually wear 'em

Quick RE-DO Bracelet update!!


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