Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RE-DO: Blah Braceletes


These bangles/bracelets were about to go in the trash :/ I had them for such a long time and they got boring to me.

               I was inspired by a jewelry piece I saw on YouTube. The light bulb came on BRIGHT!!!

I pulled out my (aka my mom's) handy dandy acrylic paint and the rest is history.

Even if I get one wear out of them before the paint chips, it'll be cool!

Step 1

 I put tape on them they way I want the style to be.(sorry you cannot see well from the pics)
If your hands are not shaky, you don't need the tape

Step 2

Start painting. Adding coats of paint as needed. (Each coat dried pretty fast!)

All done!!

They are not perfect (I might clean 'em up a bit) but I really like them now. Look for them in future OUTFIT Posts :)

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  1. Added more to the bracelets. Update coming soon :) Pls Share this Blog.


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