Sunday, September 23, 2012

RE-DO: From Bag to Clutch!

This idea just came to me while searching through my bags.

This is not an Original Coach bag, calm down lol

 The camera is doing it justice I tell ya

The bag was old, dirty and I haven't used it in ages. Why not turn it into something that I would most definitely use?! A clutch!

Lets go

I carefully cut the bag up

 This re-do would not be possible with out my mom.
Here she is, hard at work!!

 Measuring the flap- 3.5"

 Steaming the edges down to get it flat and crisp!

Ta Dah!!!

Fasteners were added to clip the flap down
Clutch, get ready to get beat!!

(there was also more material left over to make another clutch!!)

My mom is super talented. LOVE Her!!!!
Please visit her BLOG

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  1. I was just in my closet looking at two Coach purses I haven't touched in years, this is an awesome idea!!! Your mom should start a business re-purposing out of style designer bags.


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