Sunday, September 9, 2012

RE DO: How I store my MAKEUP & (some) JEWELRY

             I decided to do this post half way through the organizing process, hence only one before pic.

I love to be neat and it gives me happy chills when I see things organized. o_O

Drawer one: Before


I also stored some makeup under the tray

Drawer two

I don't collect makeup. When I buy new things (that I NEED), I get rid of the "old" stuff

Ugh. Product from those eyeliners are everywhere :/ (more cleaning)

Drawer three

Organizer tray: 5.99 Target

Three drawer Organizer: Target- width 14"    height 10.5"
I lined inside the drawers with wax paper

~~Bangles, bracelets...

~~Everyday jewelry


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