Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Roarr and stuff...

What towels?

 oop too much edit

Be Safe!



Random Shmandom...

1. Painting my mirror again...It was first grey before I paint it gold, now black

2. Face before I stepped out 1st time with my twists lol

3. Cute star fish I got at the Goodwill 2.99

4. A/X Jacket from the Goodwill 14.99 (will show in future post)

5. Cute Bible that caught my eye at the Bell Tower bookstore downtown Brooklyn

I posted a "Giveaway Winner" Post, but I seem to have lost it :/

Qochemist won the giveaway!!! I DID NOT do a "live" drawing because she and one other follower entered

The other follower followed my blog AFTER I announced the giveaway, so she did not qualify.

There will be another giveaway soon.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HAIR: LONG "Senegalese Twists"

I went ahead and braided the hair from the root (quarter inch) and then proceed to twist. I braided from the root because it was much faster than twisting from the root.

Be sure to check out my vid on youtube

My hair was freshly washed
I usedCreme of Nature leave in moistirizer- no oils
It took me 8 hrs - with help for about 3 hrs
I used about 6 packs- colors 1b, 2, 4
I'm 5' 5"

Dipped in Boiling water

 Let out

Like, why not go super long?? :)


Monday, October 29, 2012

House Warming Hangin...

Attended my cousin's house warming in Queens

I missed out on dressing up this Halloween. Luckily I didn't spend money on a costume. I just might wear my cat ears if I go people watching on Wednesday :)

Opp, someone is wearing black leggings again...

(Everything worn are pretty old)

Cuz and I

With friend

My Fall uniform- leggings, top & throw

Tree (Trini accent)

Giveaway winner will be announced  later today!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

HAIR: Flat-Twist Protective Hairstyle

This was sorta spur of the moment lol

Be sure you're in the mood to do your hair
Be patient & have at least 2 hrs to spear
Have an extra mirror at hand
Don't think too much about it, you can always tweak it when finished
You CAN do it yourself :)

 I used Do- Grow Medicated grease and a little gel

 Right side

Right side and back finished

Left side finished

The front in progress

Front finished

I twisted the remaining loose hair in the middle

That's how the left side looked at first. After, I took 3 flat twist out and made single twists

The back- hair down

I pinned up the back a bit

Friday- 3 days later, I took the twists out

Of coursed it frizzed a bit. I added a little gel

I talk about it in this video

Hope you like this post!


HAUL: balm stain, jewelry, booties & more ~Video

Last haul Vid


Hope you Enjoyed


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OUTFIT: Casual Monday feat. Wedge Boots

This is what I wore this past Monday to run errands :)


Cardigan: H&M- fall '10
Sweater: H&M- '12 (long enough to wear as a "dress" with pantyhose)
Wedge Boots: Rainbow- '12
Bag: MK- fall '10 

 Big shout out to the photog for not telling me my sock was showing!

Check out my Video on my YouTube Channel also


Monday, October 22, 2012

OUTFIT: Pink & Black

Where did I go?

Check out Rag Top Lounge (top floor) on Fridays if you're in the Brooklyn area for 'Feel Good' Fridays.

Hair: Twist Out
Cardigan: De'janiero
Blouse: Conway
Necklace: H&M
Leggings: Pretty Girl
Shoes: KMart
Clutch: Conway

This past Friday, drinks were discounted!! Buzz

Heard about the place a few times and decided to take a look. Pretty nice :)

Lips: Nicka K 'Plum Boutique' liner over NYC lipstick 'baby berry' (I blot baby berry before applying the liner)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

HAIR: 3 simple protective looks - short/medium length natural hair

This is my go to protective style when all else fails; two strand twists!

I came up with 3 very simple styles that you can do if your hair is in twists and you have to make a quick (or not so quick) run somewhere

One: Flat twist both sides and pin where needed

Two: Put twist in pony tail, tie scarf (optional) and tuck from twist under

Three: Pull front twists in opposite direction (to give flare lol), put twists in pony tail and wrap scarf around

Mac: 'Up the Amp' on lips