Friday, October 26, 2012

HAIR: Flat-Twist Protective Hairstyle

This was sorta spur of the moment lol

Be sure you're in the mood to do your hair
Be patient & have at least 2 hrs to spear
Have an extra mirror at hand
Don't think too much about it, you can always tweak it when finished
You CAN do it yourself :)

 I used Do- Grow Medicated grease and a little gel

 Right side

Right side and back finished

Left side finished

The front in progress

Front finished

I twisted the remaining loose hair in the middle

That's how the left side looked at first. After, I took 3 flat twist out and made single twists

The back- hair down

I pinned up the back a bit

Friday- 3 days later, I took the twists out

Of coursed it frizzed a bit. I added a little gel

I talk about it in this video

Hope you like this post!


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