Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HAIR: LONG "Senegalese Twists"

I went ahead and braided the hair from the root (quarter inch) and then proceed to twist. I braided from the root because it was much faster than twisting from the root.

Be sure to check out my vid on youtube

My hair was freshly washed
I usedCreme of Nature leave in moistirizer- no oils
It took me 8 hrs - with help for about 3 hrs
I used about 6 packs- colors 1b, 2, 4
I'm 5' 5"

Dipped in Boiling water

 Let out

Like, why not go super long?? :)



  1. And here I thought that mine were long. LOL. Mine only graze my waist.

  2. Diedre, Girl that aint nuttin!! :D Only kept them in for 2 weeks.


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