Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday OUTFIT: Christmas Errands

I smell Christmas!!
Went to pick up a few Christmas goodies :)

 You can see where my mom patched my pants! lol No shame :)

Hair: Mini flat Twists (luv it)   Scarf: Target      Necklace: H&M      Shirt: Danice     
Cardigan: H&M   Jeans: Dr Jays     Booties: Boutique (will get name for next time)

Light lippie in the Fall?!?! (Mac: Snob)

Ahhh, the tree is up!!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday HAUL: Thrift Store!!

Here I go again :)

I went back to the Family Store/ Salvation Army on Archer ave Jamaica NY. Found out that their family day is Wednesdays where they have half off etc. *big smile* I'm tempted to go next week!

Anyway, I went for t shirts mostly.Left with 6 items totaling $14.95. Not bad at all.

This shirt looks two tone, so cool, but it's a bit small...size 0! Wtf was I thinking? lol

~~Favorite Find~~


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday OUTING: Cocktail Bodega

The guy and I went out :)

Coctail Bodega
205 Chystie Street NY (Lower E side)
718 673 2400
Menu & reviews
Quick Outfit deets

Hair: Top bun    Blouse: Gift (worn before, here)
  Jeans: H&M     Wedge Boots: Rainbow (recent)     Bag: Mom's
(I decided to do a quick review of the place. I would have more pics but this decsion was not pre meditated.)
We got there about 7.40pm Monday night. There was only a small group of girls there hanging out.
 Jerked Chicken Satays (ahmazingg)
Cuban Sandwich Quesadillas

I LUV the fact that you can create your own drink; juice or smoothie... with alchohol. Yeah!

The Special of the night & Kewi, Strawberries & Tequila Smoothie

~Judging from the portion of food served, I gather i'ts more of a place to grab drinks and have a snack as opposed to dinner and a drink.
~The staff was cool. Not overly friendly, but that was ok! I also liked the picnic seating and how diverse the menu was
No cons about the place really. My rating 4/5
Would be returning on a busier night!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

HAIR: Twist-out on Stretched Natural Hair

~It took my hair 2 nights to fully stretch after wash
1st night- twist-out
2nd night- jumbo bantu knots

~I two strand twist medium sections of the hair using no product

~ I lightly applied some blue magic conditioner to each twist making sure ends were fully coated

Prep & Style
~ I slicked the front & back of my hair with an oil (argon) and little gel and tied it down with a scarf

~ The twist-out from the back were randomly pinned up

Results of twist-out
Soft, bouncy, light, cute...

** I've bin setting my hair in jumbo bantu knots for bed lately...


Saturday, November 24, 2012


Late Late Late!!!

<3 my salad with grapes

My tuna wontons were bomb!

Using one of my mom's hand painted napkins
Her Blog:

My little cuz enjoying his Thanksgiving lunch

Feeding my face


Hair: 2nd day twist out   Earrings: street vendor
Blouse: Tick Tock    Cardigan: Conway    Leggings: Danice (old)    
 Flats: De janeiro (nyc)

One thing I always do before bed, when I wake up, walking, in the shower...anywhere, doing anything is thank God for life... For everything! Please don't ever forget to thank Him... Everyday ;)

Gosh I had a great day! Blessed.

Check out my Black Friday Haul vid here


Thanksgiving Eve OUTFIT: Peplum

I know this post is super late- router trouble :( Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving Day!!

This is what I planned to wear to a party at Plenty's Paradise this past Wednesday!
Unfortunately plans changed last minute and I was not able to attend.
At least I got to take my OUTFIT pics!!

 Hair: fresh twist out    Earrings: H&M   Tube: Danice (diy "leather" piece)
"Blouse" (really a cardigan): De janriro    Skirt: Necessary Clothing?? (slightly twisted in pics. bummer!)
Boots: DSW '10