Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday OUTING: Cocktail Bodega

The guy and I went out :)

Coctail Bodega
205 Chystie Street NY (Lower E side)
718 673 2400
Menu & reviews
Quick Outfit deets

Hair: Top bun    Blouse: Gift (worn before, here)
  Jeans: H&M     Wedge Boots: Rainbow (recent)     Bag: Mom's
(I decided to do a quick review of the place. I would have more pics but this decsion was not pre meditated.)
We got there about 7.40pm Monday night. There was only a small group of girls there hanging out.
 Jerked Chicken Satays (ahmazingg)
Cuban Sandwich Quesadillas

I LUV the fact that you can create your own drink; juice or smoothie... with alchohol. Yeah!

The Special of the night & Kewi, Strawberries & Tequila Smoothie

~Judging from the portion of food served, I gather i'ts more of a place to grab drinks and have a snack as opposed to dinner and a drink.
~The staff was cool. Not overly friendly, but that was ok! I also liked the picnic seating and how diverse the menu was
No cons about the place really. My rating 4/5
Would be returning on a busier night!

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  1. OMG! I live right here in NYC and never came across this place. I'm bookmarking it now to try out next week with a friend. It looks amazing and the prices sound reasonable. P.S You look cute!


  2. Daisy, My friend always find these little places. Their best days are Sat & Sun. Hope you have a good time!! (Blog about it lol) Thank you :)

  3. Looks like you had a good time… and the food, well- now I'm all hungry Lol.

    Maya D


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