Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Product REVIEW: Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Treatment

I did a video review and it will be posted soon on my YT Channel

~ Claims to: control oil, treat and prevent acne
~silicic acid acne medication
~ Using this product for over 2 weeks
~ I apply it directly on my pimple/ acne
~Goes on white dries clear with a sort of sheen (could be worn under makeup)

What did it do for ME?
~It did not control the oil 
~ It gets rid of acne!! (as good, if not better than the acne spot treatment)
~ Does not prevent acne

Who would love this?
Anyone with combination skin who breakout every so often

My rating 3/5

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** HEADS UP- I will be late with my Thanksgiving posts :/ I don't have a router in the crib therefor no internet connection. I've bin in and out of the guy's house to use his connection lol Anyway, I'll have my eyes open for one this Black Friday
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  1. If you are looking for a good product for acne prone skin you should try the Sheido pureness line! I bought some at TJmaxx but its sold at macys! IT is awesome for oily/acne prone skin! I love it!

  2. Thanks much Cmichelle, I'll try it! You might even see the review here :)


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