Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is what I have bin doing for the past couple weeks. Think i'm gonna stick to it for awhile! It gives me a light natural looking coverage.

Step by Step

1. I make sure my face and hands are clean

2. I apply the darker side (medium deep) of the Posner cover creme on my pigmented areas (spots) with a concealer brush (or fingers) and kinda blend out

3. I apply the lighter side (light medium) of the cover creme under my eyes, and kinda blend out

4. I squeeze out a dime size amount of Clinique moisturizer (perfect for oily skin) on my finger tips, rub together and then apply it onto my face; blending  out the cover creme

5. For my eyes I brush on the darker side of the Milani bronzer (had this product for years :/) on my lids- and brush on the lighter side under my brows

( I use either one to fill in my brows)

6. I apply mascara- usually 2 coats (Either Or)

7. If i'm feeling fancy, I might brush on a little of the lighter (highlight) side of the bronzer under my eyes

8. For the lips, I use my EOS lip balm followed by a lip liner or lip stick :)

In this case, Viva Glam Nicki

I'm done!!

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