Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY: The Black Hand Print

I'm not sure what's the right term for this print, so I called it the obvious. Also i'm not gonna take full credit for this lol. I was inspired by a video I saw on YT. 
I thought it was fly and super easy to do

Got me a cheap ($4) sweater (it's light weight) from a store called Pretty Girl

Black fabric paint with a little water and mix it

Press hands in paint and apply gently on material wherever you want 

Since the material is thin, I needed my cousin to hold it down while I pulled my hand off
So have someone handy just incase.

Love the results!!

If you want the hands all the way filled in with black (or any color you choose) make sure to use more paint!

Will show in an OUTFIT post soon ;)

Oh! I wanted my guy to put his palm for me ;) but he is away and I could't wait LOL Maybe next time

Go Ahead,
Try it with an inexpensive, old, or thrifted sweater/ t shirt/ jeans!!
Be creative and even colorful ;)



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