Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday OUTING: Taren Guy's- Luv & Learn your Hair~ Natural Hair Event!

Taren Guy (from youtube) hosted her first Natural Hair event tonight at the Hair Rules Salon NYC.

Hair Rules Salon
828 9th ave bet 53 & 54 street
NY NY 10019

Line wrapped around the corner...

So...ugh! My cousin and I got to the venue at 6pm (event supposed to start at 6.30pm) There was already a line about a block long... I thought they would have a list of the people who rsvp, but you know what thought make a man do!! (Caribbean slang) Anyway, entry was on a first come first served basis, so I believe people who didn't rsvp got into the event.
With all that said, my cousin and I did not get in. We were 5 people away from the door!!! OMG We were crushed :(
Taren did come out and apologized. She was so overwhelmed with the turn out, she teared up! I even started to get emotional.
She announced that there would be a similar event in February at a bigger venue, so whoopie! :( Still sad we didn't get in though. She took pics and chat a few which was appreciated.

Hope the ladies who got in had a blast and learned a lot.

Cuz and I

Taren is Gorgeous!

(Footage from tonight will be in my December Vlog on my YT Channel)



  1. Awesome Event!! You both look great :)

    With Love,

    1. I'm sure it was! thanks Lorraine :)

  2. Girl i really wanted to attend that event!! But i'm in Ga lol You looked great. And I have her shirt so I guess i'll be alright lol

    1. Awww she announced that there will be another event in Febuary! Thank you. I should order me a shirt LOL


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