Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: Studded

Got these for $3.99 (3/ $10) @ Pretty Girl! STEAL!
(The sizes run small. I'm a size 8, but a 9 fit perfectly)
They say 'Forever 21' on the inside.....

Heard there are similar ones at H&M as well for around $10 each

 1. Ok. I used the studs off of this old belt to create a pattern on these kicks
You can find similar ones at a craft store

2. The studs are spiked at the back. I straighten them with the tip of a small scissors or my teeth (CAREFULLY) after I take them off the belt and placed em were I wanted them to be on the shoes.

3.  Be sure all 4 spikes go all the way through the fabric.
I used the tip of the scissors to carefully clamp them down :)

It took me about 2 hrs to complete
I wanted to add studs on the inside as well, but ran out.

 Gotta Love it!

Get studding!!


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  1. Such a good idea using studs from a belt to stud your shoes

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cindi. Go on, give it a go!!


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