Sunday, January 20, 2013

OUTFIT: 1994 Casual Chic

 Green is and forever will be my favorite color...Just saying :)

Went out with the guy to see the movie  'Django' on Thursday

     Necklace: street vendor    Earrings: Burlington- Atlantic Mall Bk
 Blazer: H&M- 34th street (recent)     TShirt: Old Navy (recent) 
Pants:: H&M (recent)  Boots: Aldo- Fulton Street Bk

Pants is high waist
It gets very dusty ( every little speck shows)
H&M has different colors in the pants
I'm wearing size 10 (i'm usually size 7/8)
I had my mom take in the legs (from the knee down)
Price: 12.95

Movie Rating
Boy was that movie longgg
Very violent & gory
"Entertaining...yet touchy"... the guy
My rating: 7  Guy's rating: 6.5

My latest hair video here


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