Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HAIR: The Blow Out- Update

It's bin 5 days since I blew my hair out (well, when I took these pics) Did you check the vid?? Go on, do it now.
Well, I gotta say... I was loving the shit out of it :D Girl, YES! lol

I really liked the length mostly... among other things. I can't wait until my hair gets to this lenth without I had so much fun with it last Friday night. Believe it or not, it was the first time I could truly say "big hair don't care" LOL

Saturday morning hair- corn/cane row out

The only down-sides are, after a couple days my hair took on the... heat burn smell :/ I know, not good. I'm hoping I don't have heat damage because got damb it, the setting was low!! *sucks teeth*
(UPDATE: A little heat damage, but nothing some deep conditioning treatments can't fix)

Also, it's bin either raining or ice dropping (lol) since I did my hair!! (still is) Gosh, can a girl show off her first  successful blow out in peace?!

Check this though, my hair had little to no wave pattern when I had it braided for almost 2 days, but had a distinct wave pattern when I braid it up for  6 hrs!? Me no understand...

I'll probably blow-out again for my birthday- August :)

Just a few shots from Friday night. Went out with friends for a casual lime (tt)

I bought that top last year fall at h&m, the pants are from Danice and you all know my sneaker wedge all too well, from Rainbow :)

tt = Trini/ Trinidadian twang/ accent
lime- hangout


Saturday, February 23, 2013

HAIR: 1 year 5 months

...loose natural/ post locs
I have not bin loose natural since I was 11 years old. I remember my natural hair was a pain in de ass (tt) for me and I disliked the hair styles my mom and aunt gave me

My mom finally caved and had my hairdresser aunt perm/ relaxed / straighten my hair (so many terms) for my primary school graduation. I was gladddd!!! (tt) lol I couldn't stop playing in it. It was long and very healthy.

Ten years later, because of too much direct heat on the hair (flat iron mostly) that caused it to thin out and also the need for change ( I like change) I decided to grow locs.
(tho I think if I used to watch YT videos then, my permed hair would be down to my butt) lol

...Anyway before this turn into more than it should be, here are a couple comparison pics :)

                                                                        Mini Twists
This is a great look to go on vacation with. No fuss & cute! I saw my growth a lot with this style the other day

                                                                          Blown  Out
I think I will blow out my hair twice a year. No more flat iron though...tried it once and it was too much heat for my hair to handle.

I have a video here on how I blow my hair out. The pic on the right is 2nd day hair

I know and could feel may hair is growing , but when I look back at some pics, especially the ones where my hair is in a top bun i'm like ummm, my hair looks like that length right now!? lol Oh well.

(tt) = Trinidadian twang/ (accent)  :)


Friday, February 22, 2013

OUTFIT: That Green Trend...with a scarf

~~Cough every time I say trend~~ lol anyway,

I'm stoked that green is on trend for Spring. I'ts my favorite color, especially this shade (mentioned this several times before huh?)

This is one trend, together with black and white, I will be taking advantage of.

As for the floral trend...hmmmm One has to 'jump out' at me

The scarf I got a couple years ago and the blouse is thrifted.  Pants from H&M, booties Bakers (sry not really pictured) and wrist clutch from Strawberry a few years back. Remember my jacket from a previous re- do/ diy??- H&M

Speak out in my poll, so i'll know what you all want to see!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013


1. Cool craft art I saw at a doc's office

2. Ha! I live by this. Get out, enjoy life!

3. Talking about life, they seriously;y have only ONE episode of this show?? Ugh. Netflix, Life, get into it

4. Theee prettiest lip/ eye pencil I ever own, NYX- 'Purple Rain' Love

5. Everywhere got these crop tops. Danice the cheapest i've seen, $5

6. Sinfulcolors 'Rise & Shine' (its much more green than pictured). Green is my favorite color; moss and forest.

7. So far really liking this product. Cleanser (feels like a mask to the touch) & makeup remover

8. Can yout believe my mom was about to throw this hat away?! "I had this sooo long!" mom


Friday, February 15, 2013

HAIR: Temporary Fushia

More like temporary fail... :/ Well...

hair before dye job

I applied color on wet shampooed hair
I let sit- in room temperature (did not cover with a cap)- for 35-40 minutes. Directions said 20 but since I have natural hair, I decided to stay a little longer.

I rinsed, conditioned twice, de -tangled with usual products & put into jumbo plaits/braids

Hmmm not liking the look that much. Maybe it will grow on me?

Check out my youtube video for a better look at the results


Valentines Day Snaps

Went to the East Village NYC for dinner with the guy. A nice little  restaurant called Cucina di Pesce (not pictured)

 He liked the scenery of this place (did not eat here!) lol

Hair: Bantu (luv the results)     Earrings: Burlington   Necklace: H&M
Top: Danice (I cut off the turtle neck)     Shorts: Thrifted     Stockings: Random
Shoes: Target (old)    Bag: Vintage

Ladies always have an extra pair of pantyhose! My new one tore on me, luckily I had an old spare. Yikes!

Restaurant Review
-Reservations are a must (maybe just on special days)
- Small place, tight yet comfortable seating
-Friendly staff (though they seems a little overwhelmed that night. it was packed!)
-Food 3/5... decent price

What a lovely evening :)

How was your Valentines Day?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OUTFIT: No Matchy Matchy (casual)

I am a believer in matching. I tried my best today to go against that...for fun lol (I sooo wanted to wear a black top and black booties) My lippie HAD to match tho!
Was heading to the nail spa. 
Color: Sinfulcolors 'Rise & Shine'

 My hair, results from mini twists, random jewelry, thrifted long sleeve, Danice pants/ jeggings (very comfy) and sketcher's 'Bobs' :)

Check out my mom's arts, crafts & sewing blog

Happy Tuesday

Saturday, February 9, 2013

STYLE me Friday: Playing with Proportions

I missed the initial inspiration post on the fashionista next door this past week. I was able to track it down on Friday!! lol

Hai: Minitwists     Shirt: Old      Sweater:F21       Jeans: Dr Jays     Boots: DSW (2011)    Belt: Aldo
Lippie: Milani 'blackcherry'

It's not to late for you to take part in this weeks style me Friday. You have until Thursday 14th ;)

As usual I had fun linking up this week!
I needed a lesson in layering

Check out my Valentines Day style video here


Friday, February 8, 2013

STYLE: Valentines Day Style Ideas

Just a few outfits I would consider wearing for Valentines Day!

Do you celebrate V Day?

I would wear if we're catching a movie, or something more fun/ active like bowling or pool

 Hair: Mini twists   TShirt: Danice (recent)       Pants: H&M (recent)    Sneaker Boots: Rainbow    Watch: Elgin      Clutch: (adds a "glam" touch) Random

I would put this together if the mr and I are going to a black tie dinner or dance (Gold and silver mixed great here)

 Dress: H&M (fall 2012)   Cardigan: Conway     Shoes: Bakers      Bag: Random (DIY color)

Perfect outfit if we're going to a low key dinner. Also good if I decide to ditch him for my girls- Valentine's Girls Night :D Hmmmmm Ideas. Ideas lol

 Earrings: Thrift      Necklace: Roxx       Blouse: Thrift      Belt: H&M      Blazer: Danice    
  Jeans: H&M      Heels: DSW      Clutch: Gift

I would wear this hip hugger to dinner at a fancy restaurant or to a lounge for drinks!
Dress: Danice     Necklace: H&M       Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana (gift)       Wedge Heels: Steve Madden

Which outfit mimics your V Day style?

Video here on my Youtube channel


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PREVIEW: Valentine's Day Makeup & SPRING wants

You know I only did one side of my face lol... might change the lippie

Wonder what i'm gonna wear...

I want these!

Take part in my Poll (on right)  ;)


Friday, February 1, 2013

STYLE me Friday: Preppy with a Pop of Red

Preppy...check? Pop of red? YES!

My third week going strong participating in the style me Friday link up! ;)
Being that it's not a must to have every detail recreated, I just went with the color scheme of the look (*wipes brow* I don't have a red skirt!)

Sunnies: The Guy's      Dress: DeJaniero (lower nyc)    Blazer: Danice        
Pantyhose: Conway         Wedge Booties: Bakers (they closed down?)   Bag: Neal Decker brand       Watch: Elgin

I did't know how I was going to style this shirt dress (never worn), but now I know! :)

Check out Eboni's look here....LUV it!!

It's your turn!...(You don't need a blog to participate)

Here is my 'whats in my bag' video. Check it out