Saturday, February 23, 2013

HAIR: 1 year 5 months

...loose natural/ post locs
I have not bin loose natural since I was 11 years old. I remember my natural hair was a pain in de ass (tt) for me and I disliked the hair styles my mom and aunt gave me

My mom finally caved and had my hairdresser aunt perm/ relaxed / straighten my hair (so many terms) for my primary school graduation. I was gladddd!!! (tt) lol I couldn't stop playing in it. It was long and very healthy.

Ten years later, because of too much direct heat on the hair (flat iron mostly) that caused it to thin out and also the need for change ( I like change) I decided to grow locs.
(tho I think if I used to watch YT videos then, my permed hair would be down to my butt) lol

...Anyway before this turn into more than it should be, here are a couple comparison pics :)

                                                                        Mini Twists
This is a great look to go on vacation with. No fuss & cute! I saw my growth a lot with this style the other day

                                                                          Blown  Out
I think I will blow out my hair twice a year. No more flat iron though...tried it once and it was too much heat for my hair to handle.

I have a video here on how I blow my hair out. The pic on the right is 2nd day hair

I know and could feel may hair is growing , but when I look back at some pics, especially the ones where my hair is in a top bun i'm like ummm, my hair looks like that length right now!? lol Oh well.

(tt) = Trinidadian twang/ (accent)  :)



  1. Your second day blow out looks so fresh! Sometimes, for me, second day hair can look better than the first!

    1. Thanks!! Yup 2nd day hair is great!!


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