Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HAIR: The Blow Out- Update

It's bin 5 days since I blew my hair out (well, when I took these pics) Did you check the vid?? Go on, do it now.
Well, I gotta say... I was loving the shit out of it :D Girl, YES! lol

I really liked the length mostly... among other things. I can't wait until my hair gets to this lenth without I had so much fun with it last Friday night. Believe it or not, it was the first time I could truly say "big hair don't care" LOL

Saturday morning hair- corn/cane row out

The only down-sides are, after a couple days my hair took on the... heat burn smell :/ I know, not good. I'm hoping I don't have heat damage because got damb it, the setting was low!! *sucks teeth*
(UPDATE: A little heat damage, but nothing some deep conditioning treatments can't fix)

Also, it's bin either raining or ice dropping (lol) since I did my hair!! (still is) Gosh, can a girl show off her first  successful blow out in peace?!

Check this though, my hair had little to no wave pattern when I had it braided for almost 2 days, but had a distinct wave pattern when I braid it up for  6 hrs!? Me no understand...

I'll probably blow-out again for my birthday- August :)

Just a few shots from Friday night. Went out with friends for a casual lime (tt)

I bought that top last year fall at h&m, the pants are from Danice and you all know my sneaker wedge all too well, from Rainbow :)

tt = Trini/ Trinidadian twang/ accent
lime- hangout



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    1. Thanaks!
      Yup, will check you out ;)


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