Thursday, February 21, 2013


1. Cool craft art I saw at a doc's office

2. Ha! I live by this. Get out, enjoy life!

3. Talking about life, they seriously;y have only ONE episode of this show?? Ugh. Netflix, Life, get into it

4. Theee prettiest lip/ eye pencil I ever own, NYX- 'Purple Rain' Love

5. Everywhere got these crop tops. Danice the cheapest i've seen, $5

6. Sinfulcolors 'Rise & Shine' (its much more green than pictured). Green is my favorite color; moss and forest.

7. So far really liking this product. Cleanser (feels like a mask to the touch) & makeup remover

8. Can yout believe my mom was about to throw this hat away?! "I had this sooo long!" mom


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