Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pain and Gain

I am such a fan of Mark Wahlberg. Him and Denzel, I feel whatever movie they're in I have to see. So I went to see 'pain and gain' (the Rock was a bonus!) with the boyfriend this past Friday. Movie season is back!!

Wore my black and white cropped top from Danice, h&m high waist pants and my  boots from TempoThe jacket was a Christmas gift from my friend bought at necessary clothing. Jewelry, Forever21 & scarf h&m

Peep my black and red wing :)

What are your favorite fashion trends this season?


Friday, April 26, 2013

Style me Friday: NEON Pop for LBD~ A Link Up

Happy Friday everyone.  I know my pop of color is not all the way neon but it can work right? Right?? lol

My earrings from Unique, dress is a hand me down, shoes are from Strawberry, shawl from Tick Tock and Forever21 bag

Check out the Video

You have until Thursday to link up! :D


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tested at Coop

This is what I wore to  go to Coop Tech for my entrance exam.

My hair is still braided up. I am really liking the braids this time around. ( I have a video up on what I do when I co-wash them) The t shirt is thrifted, jeggings F21 (old) and boots Tempo. Blazer form Danice and bag, MK.

Coop is a free school that offers a few classes like Culinary, IT, Child Care etc. If you know anyone who's interested, go to the website here. It's a great opportunity.

Note: You may have to wait a few months for classes to begin


Friday, April 19, 2013

Style me Friday: Monochromatic ~ A link up

Excited for this weeks Style me Friday! I get to wear my favorite color, green!

The week's inspiration is the monochrome look using color (meaning, no back no white)- (same color, different hues or different colors of the same "family", like pastels, neon etc.)

I put together two looks this week.

Blouse: Rainbow    Jeans: Tick Tock    Heels: Necessary Clothing       Flats: DeJaniero    Pink Bag: Rainbow
Green bag: Dr Jays

I also made a video

Which look do you like best...Flats or heels?

Off topic, I started using the Cover Girl (queen collection) 3 in 1 foundation. The shade I have on here is  'spicy brown' which is a tad too dark for me when it sets. I also have  the shade 'mocha' that I purchased before, and its a bit too light. So I guess I will be mixing these two to create the right shade. Oh fun.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Unique' Jewelry

I'm into rings and bracelets (bangles) this time around and my favorite place to shop for jewelry is randomly, on the street.

I go to 'my guys' on Court Street Brooklyn or to my friends at Unique on Jamaica ave, Jamaica ny.

I always browse around h&m's and Forever21's jewelry section as well

These are my latest jewelry pieces. In a couple years I will start investing in classic (real) gold and silver pieces. For now, these will do

(L to R) Unique ($1) and Street vendor ($2)... The red crosses are pink on the other side. Might paint it red

Unique ($1) and Gift

Bad (to the bone) -Unique ($2 each) and 'Love' -Street Vendor ($2)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Budget Shopping

Here are just a few things I picked up :)

You can't go wrong with these cross body bags in the summer. I plan on getting one of each color...I'm probably reaching here lol At least 2 more

I love the black and white trend this season. Can't wait to wear this... it was only $6

Bin eyeing this top for a while. Its now where it supposed to be :D

Think i'll pick up another color in this. It will be good to wear with a bantu top under or even over swim wear

Finally I got my black body con mini skirt. This was crazy cheap and it fits amazing. Only thing, in general (with Danice clothing), the sizes might be a bit off so you have to know your body not just the clothing size, if you know what I mean
Eg. this skirt is a large and it fits very snug like I would expect a small to fit. I had to really stretch it and inspect it first before deciding I needed a large (usually wear medium)

Ok ok almost everything is from Danice, but for good reason. I have never went into that little store of cheap surprises and didn't see anything I liked.

Do you have a store like that?

Even more stuff shown in the video. Check it out

~~Thoughts and prayers go out to Boston <3 ~~

Friday, April 12, 2013

STYLE me Friday: Casual Pencil Skirt~ A link Up

Couldn't wait to take part in this week's style me friday...I've bin sitting out a few, but as of last week, im back! The weather is getting warmer and i'm able to bribe my little cuz into taking the pics :D

Here are all the fashionably fabulous inspirational looks
(Hmmnn I look good with the other ladies. Top right! lol Yes I added myself)

My inspired recreation

Blouse: Rainbow     "Skirt": h&m   Shoes: Strawberry   Purse: Random (diy)

If you caught it, you're probably wondering "purse"? why the quotes? Ok ok, I cheated a bit. I do own pencil skirts, but they were too short for this particular style me Friday ...and honestly not funky/fun enough soooo I used my infinity scarf!!! LOL *hides face* YES, my skirt is an infinity scarf!!

Fooled yuh huh? It fits and looks great don't it? lol Its a bit itchy though...

~~Remember, you can take part in 'Style me Friday' even if you don't have a blog~~


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Battery Park Day...

Quick look at what I wore to hang out at battery park the other day...

Refreshing to see these

Hey, I made a related video