Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tested at Coop

This is what I wore to  go to Coop Tech for my entrance exam.

My hair is still braided up. I am really liking the braids this time around. ( I have a video up on what I do when I co-wash them) The t shirt is thrifted, jeggings F21 (old) and boots Tempo. Blazer form Danice and bag, MK.

Coop is a free school that offers a few classes like Culinary, IT, Child Care etc. If you know anyone who's interested, go to the website here. It's a great opportunity.

Note: You may have to wait a few months for classes to begin



  1. Cute outfit. I like the Mickey Mouse tee. :-) That sound like a good school. Good luck on your exam! What classes are you interested in taking?

    Who is that girl Mo?

  2. Thanks much Mo!! I think I did well. It's a 'one class at a time' type school. I'm going to take Culinary :)


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