Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Unique' Jewelry

I'm into rings and bracelets (bangles) this time around and my favorite place to shop for jewelry is randomly, on the street.

I go to 'my guys' on Court Street Brooklyn or to my friends at Unique on Jamaica ave, Jamaica ny.

I always browse around h&m's and Forever21's jewelry section as well

These are my latest jewelry pieces. In a couple years I will start investing in classic (real) gold and silver pieces. For now, these will do

(L to R) Unique ($1) and Street vendor ($2)... The red crosses are pink on the other side. Might paint it red

Unique ($1) and Gift

Bad (to the bone) -Unique ($2 each) and 'Love' -Street Vendor ($2)



  1. I like the gold bling cross bracelet and the love finger ring. Those are some really good prices. I think I need to check out the street vendors out here. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  2. Cute stuff! You got some great deals!


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