Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favorite Things the moment that is, cause I change my mind faster than a speeding bullet

1. Ponds dark spot correcting cream
A full review on this product coming soon

2.Arm candy
So glad I bought these from Forever21 the other day. I luv my jewelry guys on the street but Forever will always be one of my top places to purchase jewelry

3.Nerd Glasses
Not everybody's thaaanng...and two weeks ago, it wasn't mine either. Saw these, liked em, bought em (from Rainbow), now I can't live without em. Such is life :)

4. These Flats
Not too sure about the special name for these, if any, but i'm really diggin these. they go with basically anything and perfect for spring. Only thing though, if you have skinny, long (size 8) feet, they might fit funny... Never the less, they are great! lol ( bought at Vim and Tick Tock)

Oh just a reminder. Here is the link for this week's Style me Friday. C'mon link up this Friday. You don't need a Blog to participate!!



  1. arm candy & nerd glasses are my fav!

    wanna follow each other?
    let me know if you do

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  4. Those glasses are so cute! Love them!!


  5. Love your finds. I haven't used Ponds in ages. Don't think it's available in the UK


  6. Those bracelets are so cute. Clearly I need to do some F21 shopping!

    XO Kelley

  7. I love those shoes, the texture looks really nice. I just came and stumbled across your blog and I adore it!


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