Thursday, June 20, 2013

Endless Nights

The guy and I went to see 'The Man of Steel'. Yo, I bin asking about this movie since last summer lol It did not disappoint; I love the way they re made it!

Well, we also had pizza at a nice restaurant called Vapiano around the corner from the theater. I was impressed with the decor of the place and unique pay system they have (everyone gets a card, swipe when you order & pay at checkout). We didn't hang out long enough for me to give a full review. Maybe next time.

 My ' Endless Nights' tank is from H&M (luv), jeans from Know Style, Strawberry flats and MK bag. My hair was from a flat twist out that went wrong in the rain. Did you noticed I got a hair cut?!! (will talk about it more in later post)

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  1. your hair is just da bomb my dear. thanks for the comment :D

    are we following each other? shall we??

    I invite you to check out my video and get inspired for this summer :D

    1. Thanks much! You're very welcome :)


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