Sunday, June 2, 2013

Floral "Shorts"

Thursday was 90 degrees in NY. Oh Happy Day!! I loved it :D

I went to the movies with my cousin for her birthday to watch The Hangover pt 3 . The first one was bomb dot com funny, the second one not so much, but they definitely redeem themselves with part three. It was funnay! As a last minute decision, we also saw Fast and the Furious 6. SUPER action packed, so if you like those kinda things (hott men driving fast cars and kicking ass) go see it! *wink*

I wore floral shorts (really a romper that I tucked in) from Danice, top from Rainbow, gifted bag and flats from Vim. My hair is a flat twist-out & flexi rod set (confusing, I know), lips ''snob' by mac and nails 'Caribbean' by Ruby kisses

Would you convert your romper into shorts?



  1. This is so creative! Loving that idea. I can't tell which is a good thing right? Cute look and nice oxfords.


    1. Thanks Mo! Yup its a good thing lol ;)


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