Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Blow Out~~ Natural Hair

I blame Ms Vaughn for this!! lol Check out her video here to see how pretty her blow out is.

A couple months ago I told myself " no more heat"... well I lied *sigh* I love the length I get when my hair is stretched, but I have to wait two days after my wash to achieve a fully stretch look, so out came the blow dryer.

1. My hair was washed and conditioned...I also deep conditioned for an hour. I detangled with my regular leave in conditioner of the moment (Cantu Shea Butter leave in)

2. I applied the treseme heat protectant to my hair section by section and blow dried tension method (as seen in Ms Vaughn's video)

3. Lastly I applied some Olive Oil to the hair and twisted (mainly to keep the finished sections out of the way)

The results :)

Day of ~ before the flat twists

The next day~ post flat twists :) 2nd day

Best blow out results since I've bin loose natural (I always say loose
natural because I had locs before, which is also a natural state of my hair~no chemicals so
please excuse me. I also opt to say post locs
as well)


I need to get me some Argan oil to keep my hair glossy and smelling good!

Like the look? (sry pics are a bit blur)


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