Monday, July 22, 2013

Joe's Shanghai

The guy and I went to Joe's Shanghai this past Tuesday.

The wait wasn't too long and the atmosphere was pretty chill and fun!

I ordered the shrimp and chicken in plum sauce (#73) with white rice and red wine. My guy had white wine, soup and pork dumplings. He ate most of my food lol. It was surprisingly delish. I say that because it was something completely different for me and you know how that could go sometimes!!

I wore my hair in a (sideshow bob ) puff lol, tank from Rainbow, skirt from Danice, MK bag and (last summer) flats from Rainbow.

Had a great time!

Watch my Vlog ;)



  1. I'm cracking up at your comment about the soup "it doesn't taste all that bad but it doesn't taste good either"! Soup can definitely be hit or miss.


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