Friday, July 12, 2013

Wendy Williams Show

The bestie scored us tickets to the Wendy Williams Show!!

We had such a good time, though we were late (which made us get back row seats) and the buildup before the show was longgg

It felt like we were in a club. We got super hype. The dj was pumpin and Wendy looked great (better than on tv!)

I wore my hair in a puff cause it was not co operating that morning. Jewelry and dress from h&m (belt Target), shoes Rainbow and clutch a gift from my aunt. 

I feel like hitting up another talk show :D

UPDATE: The show aired yesterday July 11th and I saw myself for a bit during the ' Ask Wendy' segment lol

Happy Friday

I pray for Justice for Trayvon Martin


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    1. Hi, thank youuu!! I need to get em done again

  2. Sounds like you had fun. Sad I missed it... I would have loved to see you in the audience. :) Very cute look.

    1. It was great! Yeah, I didn't do a good job of letting folks know ahead of time. Thank you :)


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