Thursday, August 15, 2013


I know some of you dont care for this look, but I on the other hand happen to like it very much lol
Some people do over do it, but when done "right" it looks pretty good, comfy and sexy

Wednesday I spent the day just relaxing downtown Brooklyn. Had a great time! I needed some time alone, but away from my room. I also saw the movie '2 Guns'.

My hair is a twist out on semi blown out hair, I used a new technique! Look out for my video on YT. F21 top & jewelry, Pretty Girl leggings, shoes from Vim.


                                                      Chicks be like, "that glow though"

Look at my gorgeous chocolate lippie! Its a loreal HIP lip gloss from years ago. It tingled my lip at first but I think i'll be ok :/ :) Giving lipsticks a rest for awhile. I pulled out a few old school lip glosses to give life again

Have a Great Weekend!

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