Monday, August 26, 2013

Makeup...Keek Inspired

I've bin having so much fun in the makeup world on Keek lately. If you don't know what Keek is, its an online social network where you can post 36 second vids. Yup, just 36 seconds.
It was really weird at first because I was used to YouTube time, but after a while it became fun and do able.

Anyway, the makeup ladies I follow all come together almost every day with makeup challenges; holiday inspired makeup, red lip Wednesdays etc. These change every week and that's the fun of it. Plus anybody can come up with an idea for a challenge.

This past Friday was 'Bridal Frenzy Friday' lol The look had to include something old, new, borrowed and blue. How fun right?!

This is the look I came up with

This was my first challenge look: Holiday Makeup. I chose Christmas

Interested in Keek? Download the app and join in and look for me Renneac

Some 'Keekers' to follow: 



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