Sunday, September 29, 2013


I broke out my Fall appropriate lippie and another black and brown outfit to see 'The Butler' this past Friday.
I need someone to come shopping with me to stop me from buying black, brown, and black n white clothing. Help me keep bright color alive!! lol

Finally got a change to wear this jacket from h&m, top gifted, ribbed leggings from pretty girl and last year's booties from Tempo. My lippie is Milani 'blackcherry', very matte and sticky so I always wear a gloss or balm before I apply.

Keep an eye out for my 'get ready with me' video  for this look on my YT channel: trinibkbabe

Have a great week!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crochet Braids Update Q and A

 My hair update... 3 weeks in (9.24.13)

What brand of hair is it?
Model Model- water wave

Was it difficult to achieve the look?
On a scale on 1-10, 10 being the most difficult, I would say 8 (for me)

Did you manipulate the hair after install?
Yes, I have my hair lady cut it down a bit/made it less full

Does the hair tangle?
Yes. But nothing a little tlc couldn't help. I also have to clip some "fuzz" out

What have you bin using on your scalp/ roots?
A mixture of tea tree oil, almond oil and water every 3 days or so

What have you bin using on the hair?
The same mixture stated above. ( some say conditioner and water works wonders too)

Would you use this hair again?
Maybe not

How was the washing process?
I used Conditioner only and the hair took to it ok. It did get a bit stiff. I focused mainly on my scalp during the washing process

Would you try crochet braids again?
Yes, but with a different braid pattern; cornrows all the way back...also different hair

How long do you plan to keep the hair in?
For another 3 weeks.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Brown and Black

I wore this today to run some errands. My day didn't go as I planned, hence the sulk, whomp!! Brighter days are ahead :D

Well, I did like my outfit! I wore this cardigan I bought from a lady on my job. She sells different things on the side, here and there. Cross body from F21 (super cute stuff in stores now!), very old jeggings and sneaker wedges from Rainbow (are these still IN?). I wore a simple fatigue sweater under the cardigan.

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Friday, September 20, 2013


I take and screenshot random pics every so often and use them as inspiration, reminders etc

 I went to an office meeting today and this painting was one of many hanging on the walls. I automatically thought of my mother. She is known to gets down in the paint every now and then. I'm not into arts and crafts much, but I think I will re-create this for her; for Christmas or her Birthday in January. Instead of 'Motivation', think I will put 'Worship'.

 I'm all about knowing what men like, need and want so next time my boyfriend (aka The Guy) puts on a tie, I will try my hardest to recreate this lol. The picture was re-tweeted a couple months ago by DynamicFacts on Twitter.

 Hey, they're going to talk about you regardless, so why not just do you...Boo?! (as shameless Maya would say) Found this quote on Instagram.

Saw this on Tumblr a while back and boy oh boy does it look scrumptious!! Im not a waffle fan but paired with meat? I'm in!! Perfect picnic meal...maybe next year

*sigh* This is so true. I "struggle" with this every day. I'm so caught up with every single detail of myself people think im stuck up and snobby. I'm the opposite btw. Most Virgos are. Also I hold back a lot on what I really want to say. If asked a question, i'll surly reply and even carry on a conversation if you're lucky lol but I rarely step in when others are talking, especially people I don't know very well. I need to make conversations more and start meeting new people and show them the 'Real' me. :)
Found this on twitter, Tweeted by VirgoNation or Virgonian.

Whats you're favorite Quote?


Friday, September 13, 2013

Hit me Floral one more time!!

I wore this get up to visit my bestie today. All I knew was I wanted to wear this floral leggings from Danice and I based my outfit around it. My t shirt is from Danice, denim shirt from h&m, shoes from Vim and bag gifted.

 Have a great weekend!!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Wants

This year I started my Fall/ Winter Shopping early

Graphic Tees- Its hard for me to find nice tees that fit well, you know the ones that are the right length and width? Yeah, those.

I found this printed tee at Kmart. It's the 'Dream out Loud'  brand by Selena Gomez. I love it so much!! lol It reminds me of California and Katy Perry's jam play  in my head when I see it...every time. I need more of these.

Boots- You can't go wrong with a few (note I said few and not a couple lol) pairs of boots.
I picked this one up about a month ago from Dr Jays. Pretty cheap too. I have my eyes peeled for more!

Leggings- Yup, I can't help it. I'm a leggings girl. Between those and high waist jeans, I'm not sure which one I will be reaching for the most. I snagged these from F21 (L) and Rainbow a couple week's back. Now I just need a cute tops to pair with them, hmmmm. I'l figure something out.
There are so many prints of leggings out there. Decisions, decisions...

Cardigans- Well, I'm stumped on this one. Where are the cute cardigans? Nothing caught my eye yet. When I find one i'll be sure to add it into my Fall Haul on YT ;)

Preparing for Fall? What have you picked up?


Friday, September 6, 2013

In-Vested~ A link Up

This week is another chance to rock my diy vest for you guys. Remember it from the last week's Style me Friday? This vest was once a denim half sleeve shirt that I wore over five times!! To re-vamp it, I cut the sleeves off, hand stitched it and voila it's on trend and going strong lol


I paired my vest with this shirt from Danice, H&M jeans and heels from Strawberry. I'm wearing crochet braids/weave :)

Check out more looks here hosted by thebabyshopaholic


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Didn't get much footage for Labor Day but here are a couple outfit shots.

I always try to dress patriotic (red, white, black).

Dress from H&M, you know my F21 bag all too well, also my flats from Kmart. Rocked a flag around my waist and matching lip stain from Sephora. Also with a cup of corn soup
My hair was in a flat twist out, but you know with the weather being gloomy as it was, the definition didn't last

The parade this year was crazy short. 11-3pm short. It was never like that. I remember when the parade started at 11 and didn't finish until 5.30 :( I miss those days.

Hope every one had a great holiday weekend


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Birthday ~ 8/28

My Birthday outfit this year is probably not what you expect. I wanted something sexy but still very comfortable. Truth be told, I don't like dressing up too much. Yes I can be a girly girl and I like nice clothes and love playing in makeup now an again, but i'm the most confident when I'm dressed casual and comfortable

Any way. I actually changed my outfit last minute from a shirt and skirt to this Know Style cropped top and Conway maxi skirt ( I always wear green on my birthday). Yup, finally found a maxi skirt that caught my eye! I found my sandals, super cheap, at Atmosphere Shoes, earrings from street vendor and Bag from F21.

We ate at the cheese cake factory. I got chicken tortillas, with corn and black beans YUM!!
I took home a slice of pineapple upside down cheese cake too

So the next day my cousin and I went to Coney Island. Guess who was there, randomly for a photo shoot or something?? The one and only Queen B, Bey, Mrs Carter, King B, Beyonce!! LOL 
I didn't take any pictures but I got a little  footage on my Birthday Vlog on my YT channel. We were so excited :D The day we decide to go there, she just happen to be there. WIN!