Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Birthday ~ 8/28

My Birthday outfit this year is probably not what you expect. I wanted something sexy but still very comfortable. Truth be told, I don't like dressing up too much. Yes I can be a girly girl and I like nice clothes and love playing in makeup now an again, but i'm the most confident when I'm dressed casual and comfortable

Any way. I actually changed my outfit last minute from a shirt and skirt to this Know Style cropped top and Conway maxi skirt ( I always wear green on my birthday). Yup, finally found a maxi skirt that caught my eye! I found my sandals, super cheap, at Atmosphere Shoes, earrings from street vendor and Bag from F21.

We ate at the cheese cake factory. I got chicken tortillas, with corn and black beans YUM!!
I took home a slice of pineapple upside down cheese cake too

So the next day my cousin and I went to Coney Island. Guess who was there, randomly for a photo shoot or something?? The one and only Queen B, Bey, Mrs Carter, King B, Beyonce!! LOL 
I didn't take any pictures but I got a little  footage on my Birthday Vlog on my YT channel. We were so excited :D The day we decide to go there, she just happen to be there. WIN!



  1. Happy Birthday! Very Cute look! I bet seeing B was excitiing! Love HER! a perfect bday gift for you. :)


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