Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crochet Braids Update Q and A

 My hair update... 3 weeks in (9.24.13)

What brand of hair is it?
Model Model- water wave

Was it difficult to achieve the look?
On a scale on 1-10, 10 being the most difficult, I would say 8 (for me)

Did you manipulate the hair after install?
Yes, I have my hair lady cut it down a bit/made it less full

Does the hair tangle?
Yes. But nothing a little tlc couldn't help. I also have to clip some "fuzz" out

What have you bin using on your scalp/ roots?
A mixture of tea tree oil, almond oil and water every 3 days or so

What have you bin using on the hair?
The same mixture stated above. ( some say conditioner and water works wonders too)

Would you use this hair again?
Maybe not

How was the washing process?
I used Conditioner only and the hair took to it ok. It did get a bit stiff. I focused mainly on my scalp during the washing process

Would you try crochet braids again?
Yes, but with a different braid pattern; cornrows all the way back...also different hair

How long do you plan to keep the hair in?
For another 3 weeks.



  1. Very cute Jen! Didn't even know they were braids. Looks very natural

    1. Thanks you! Yup I LUV that about this technique!


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