Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Wants

This year I started my Fall/ Winter Shopping early

Graphic Tees- Its hard for me to find nice tees that fit well, you know the ones that are the right length and width? Yeah, those.

I found this printed tee at Kmart. It's the 'Dream out Loud'  brand by Selena Gomez. I love it so much!! lol It reminds me of California and Katy Perry's jam play  in my head when I see it...every time. I need more of these.

Boots- You can't go wrong with a few (note I said few and not a couple lol) pairs of boots.
I picked this one up about a month ago from Dr Jays. Pretty cheap too. I have my eyes peeled for more!

Leggings- Yup, I can't help it. I'm a leggings girl. Between those and high waist jeans, I'm not sure which one I will be reaching for the most. I snagged these from F21 (L) and Rainbow a couple week's back. Now I just need a cute tops to pair with them, hmmmm. I'l figure something out.
There are so many prints of leggings out there. Decisions, decisions...

Cardigans- Well, I'm stumped on this one. Where are the cute cardigans? Nothing caught my eye yet. When I find one i'll be sure to add it into my Fall Haul on YT ;)

Preparing for Fall? What have you picked up?


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