Friday, September 20, 2013


I take and screenshot random pics every so often and use them as inspiration, reminders etc

 I went to an office meeting today and this painting was one of many hanging on the walls. I automatically thought of my mother. She is known to gets down in the paint every now and then. I'm not into arts and crafts much, but I think I will re-create this for her; for Christmas or her Birthday in January. Instead of 'Motivation', think I will put 'Worship'.

 I'm all about knowing what men like, need and want so next time my boyfriend (aka The Guy) puts on a tie, I will try my hardest to recreate this lol. The picture was re-tweeted a couple months ago by DynamicFacts on Twitter.

 Hey, they're going to talk about you regardless, so why not just do you...Boo?! (as shameless Maya would say) Found this quote on Instagram.

Saw this on Tumblr a while back and boy oh boy does it look scrumptious!! Im not a waffle fan but paired with meat? I'm in!! Perfect picnic meal...maybe next year

*sigh* This is so true. I "struggle" with this every day. I'm so caught up with every single detail of myself people think im stuck up and snobby. I'm the opposite btw. Most Virgos are. Also I hold back a lot on what I really want to say. If asked a question, i'll surly reply and even carry on a conversation if you're lucky lol but I rarely step in when others are talking, especially people I don't know very well. I need to make conversations more and start meeting new people and show them the 'Real' me. :)
Found this on twitter, Tweeted by VirgoNation or Virgonian.

Whats you're favorite Quote?



  1. I love the one about "doing you" that is soooo true, I learned a really hard lesson this week. And that quote is so fitting for my situation, thx girl... This def made a sistah smile! :)

    1. You're very welcome! Blessings! "who matter don't mind, who mind don't matter" ;)


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