Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hair Talk

 I have bin paying more attention to my hair since the crochet braids take down. To say the least, my hair was brittle and dry (the colored ends) post crochet :/ I also lost a bit of hair during the de- tangling process. My hair is not in good shape.

I swear not to braid or weave my hair for at least a year, moisturize more and incorporate more protective styles into my hair regimen.

This week I did a twist out, much smaller than usual. I made sure my hair was damp, added my Blue Magic leave in, jojoba oil and some Eco Styler Gel (to the roots) and twisted. Loved it! 

The take-down was easy breezy the next day and looked better than I expected.

In a couple weeks I might revisit one of my old protective styles.

I have a new look coming soon ;) ;)

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