Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback~ Past Halloweens

Happy Halloween everyone. This year I would not be getting into character, so here are a few looks I wore over the past years.

Top left to bottom right

Tiger face- 2012 I didn't even go anywhere, I was just in the mood to play dress up. My little cousins loved it!

Pirate- 2010 I went to a boat ride with my cousin (pictured) and friends. It was silly. The boat was over crowded and didn't even move lol

I didn't know what I was  (bottom left)- 2006? The fit just came together last minute and I went with it. First Halloween boat ride and it was fun with my cousin (pictured) rip.

Base Baller- 2011 My 2nd time wear that costume. I went to a party at my neighborhood club lol

Be safe every one


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