Monday, November 25, 2013

First Wash and Go

I did my first wash and go 3 weeks post big chop. I think i'm late. I feel like that's the first thing I should of done. Anyway, it was a success!

My hair was conditioned and I used a little castor oil in my thin areas (left side of my head. I plan on putting castor oil every other that in that section). I massaged a generous amount of pure coconut oil in my scalp and hair. I then proceeded to part my hair into small sections, spray with water and massage the eco style oil in.

Didn't check to see how long the process took me (not too long nor short), but it took forever to dry. I was finished at 4.30 pm and at 8.30 pm my hair was about 60% dry. The next morning, the middle was still damp.

Its probably better to do this on a warm day but my hair was completely white when I was finished. There goes the wash and GO! Couldn't go anywhere if I wanted to looking like that lol

Ok so these pics were taken the night of the first day.

This is second day hair. 

The Second Day... sigh
I experienced a lot of flaking. My fault though. My hair was a bit flat so I played around with it a bit causing the flaking. Next time I would use the pick to just raise the roots. Problem solved. Oh, and i'll probably use a little coconut oil together with the gel for a less crunchy hold.

I plan on doing another wash and go for Thanksgiving. It might actually be my go to style this winter ;)

Check out the video

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Stay warm!!



  1. Very cute, I have never done a wash and go...I'm too lazy.

    1. Thanks! Its so time consuming *sigh* I did a variation of it (on dry hair) not much definition but still ok and faster ;)


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