Thursday, December 25, 2014

Season's Greetings!!

I saved money by taking some Christmas/ Maternity pics at home. Photo cred: my lil cuz Makeill :)

I grew up with a huge Christmas spirit in Trinidad
There we buy new curtains, paint the house and Parang Music is a must!!


I try to carry on the same traditions here, but the vibe
is definitely not the same.

With that said though, it's still
one of my favorite Holidays...

Happy Holidays


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Journey~ 36 weeks pregnant

Well here we are! Anna-Leah and I are almost at the end of this part of our lives- unborn & first time mom to be  to newborn and mother . I'm excited to meet my butterfly! 

Here are the Pros and Cons I experenced over the past 4 weeks


I might not have another 4 week update if she decides to arrive early ( or even ontime) I will try to record a labor and delivery vlog. If not my next baby related post should be my delivery story

Thanks for your support, always


Monday, December 8, 2014

My Baby Shower 12.6.14

I couldn't ask for anything more!
My Baby Shower was a success. All the fuss I was making?
Worth it.

90% of the people I invited came which was a surprise
because the weather was horrible.

The food was yummy, games where fun, my snack table
looked cute. Everyone had a great time.

 My cousin hosted

Guess belly bump game!

My bff took notes as I opened gifts

I got a few things from my registry which helped a lot.

My mom was all smiles (she  worked hard! Love her~ white top)

God is good!!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Straight HAIR Talk

Ok i'm bored with my hair so here I go changing it up.
I'm ready to wear my hair straight more often. I contemplated perming (OMG WHAT?!... yeah) but because I am pregnant and perm is such a permanent deal, I decided to hold off on that until next spring... maybe.

My camera got misplaced :( Very sad times. I had step by step pictures
on there of my before hair
Well, this is how it looked before the
trim and cut.

I washed, deep conditioned and blew out the hair. Then...
small section by section I flat-ironed and trim the ends (about 1/4 inch)

After, my mom neaten me up in the back and sides for
a more uniformed bob look

I love it. Time will tell if i'm able to keep up with the constant flat ironing at home. The plan is to wash every 2 weeks and I've already introduced some new products to my new hair regimen. Update soon come about those products.


Hope you had a Lovely Thanksgiving.
Happy Holidays!! (not too early right?)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Makeup prep...

My Shower is less than two weeks away!! I always practice my makeup when I have a "big" event to attend.
I also finally found my dress last week. Its pink...duh!
Wearing Viva Glam Nicki on the lips (ole school)
Currently steaming/ deep conditioning my hair in preparation for a sleek look (hair update post soon come)

Two shades darker and 35 pounds heavier...I still got it *snaps fingers* lol


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Journey~ 32 Weeks Pregnant

Saying time is flying by is an understatement!! I cant believe I am already 32 weeks pregnant.
It feels like just a month ago I was nauseous all day long (for the first 4 months!)

These days i'm always hungry and tired. Other than that, life is great lol
I'm in the process of putting together my baby-shower. I wish I had someone to plan it for me (cause i'm tired) but I always get a kick (no pun intended lol) out of planning so its going fairly good.

This past week I finally received the baby's chest of drawers. Its already packed with most of her cutesy clothing!!

Check out my vlog video to see how I spent the past 4 weeks.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Woahhh! The little one could kick LOL Its such a great feeling ( and weird at the same time) 
Other than the constant hunger... I'm enjoying my last trimester!!

sweater| F21
boots| Mandee



Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I wore this simple fit to a friend's house for
her Birthday dinner

   Sweater| Target    Leggings| Charlotte Russe    Shoes| (old) Rainbow
Necklace| street vendor        Jacket|  H&M

Check out my 'Get Ready /w Me' video


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Journey~ 28 weeks pregnant

As the title says, yes I'm 28 weeks pregnant!(update:29weeks) This still comes as a shock to me honestly. Time is flying by, baby items are being bought, gifts are being given, kicks are life is changing, for the better.

In the video (down below) I discuss all the changes I've experienced over the last month. I'll be doing an update every 4 weeks until my precious (Gollum voice...wait is that weird?) arrives.

As time draws nearer I'm getting more and more excited. Its a lot for a first time mom -to- be to take in but i'll soon be a pro giving advice and such :)

Hope everyone is doing well. Leave me a comment. Let me know.

 24 weeks update video

28 weeks update video


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mon Petit Cheri

'Tis the season to shop! The weather/ season is quickly changing and the sales are in full bloom... kinda
This is what I wore for a trip to Target.

Sweater| H&M     Sweats| ?         Loafers| Aldo

Fall/Winter haul Video


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forever doing an UPDATE...

Wow time has flown by since I last blogged and a few things have been going let me update ya (Beyonce voice)

Well most of you should know that I am pregnant!! Who me? Yes!! LOL I'm (almost) 23 weeks along. What a ride its bin thus far. My friends and family with kids say its just the beginning!? Say what now??
I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound a few days ago and it looks like ill be buying tons of pink! (no I won't) I'm having a girl :) I'm cool with the reveal and so is the boyfriend (he wanted a boy though, but its all good).

Ok ok. So I've bin rocking a Brazilian deep wave weave for over a week now. I love it (looks around for natural hair Nazis...) I finally found my groove with the hair and styling is a breeze. I purchased it from 

My birthday also passed on August 28th! I'm no longer in my 20's. Its unreal really. My cousin was visiting from Trinidad and I just kicked it with her; dinner, hangout, shopping. Simple. I was supposed to have a girls meet up but I cancelled at the last minute because of the weather (which turned out nice *sigh*), most of the ladies cancelling and back ache. Ughhhh back ache!!!

Hmmm, that pretty much sums up the last couple months. I'll check in again soon!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Long time no Blog!!

I have a lot of personal things going on in my life right now, hence the lack of blogging. I do miss it!
I'm not officially back, but here I am right now.

This past Sunday, Father's Day, my cousin and I headed Down Town Brooklyn for frozen yogurt :) It was so good, I couldn't even stop eating to snap a pic lol

This is what I looked like though

Hair| Blow-out: flat twist   Top| F21   Pants| Danice   Shoes| random

Hope everyone is doing well
Trini Hugs


Friday, April 25, 2014

(Late) Easter Fits

What I wore on Easter Sunday

Sweater| Gift   Vest| Thrift   Dress| ?   Bag| Gift   Boots| Gift

Later that day- Lunch at Auntie's house

Top| Uniqlo   Pants| Danice   Boots| Aldo


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Braided Back- Set it Off style :D

I'm all about spur of the moment hair decisions, some better than others...this one, I don't know!

I decided to get my hair braided (set it off style) at the African hair Salon. The process was quick and hassle free. Just what I wanted. A protective style that takes no time to achieve.

I would admit, the look is still growing on me though.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dedication Weekend

This past weekend (5th/6th- late post) was my god-daughter Dayle's Dedication. 

Saturday was the dedication service in the church, followed by lunch.

Blazer| Danice   Top|Pretty Girl   Pants| Danice   Shoes| Rainbow
(discount shopper lookin fly :D)

Sunday was the Party where all was invited ( family and friends)

Top| Conway (old)   Pants| Danice

It was a very special and fun weekend!

Isn't she cute?! Love her!!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Dry Bar

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to blow out my natural hair...just for a change. I did some research on 'Dry Barr' Salon (Upper East Side Location) and liked what
 I heard and saw so I decided to try them out.

Loved the results! I have nothing bad to say about this place

They served drinks, were friendly, on time, organized and they even gave out free umbrellas ( it was raining that day)

Pin Curls (next day, by me)

I will be returning!!

My stylist Instagram~ @mustluvhair

Also, yesterday I got my ends trimmed at a dominican salon in my neighborhood. They needed it badly


Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Trends

Here are some looks I came across

1. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
The fringe trend is definitely hot right now. Whether its your cardigan, handbag
or even your scarf that's fringed, you will
 be very much trendy

2. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Draya is rocking a cute matching two piece. This trend
also looks great with a midi skirt

3. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Hitting 3 birds with one pic; cropped tops, joggers and the cool girly-tomboy
look is definitely a few of my faves for this spring.

4. via ladypigalle ~ instagram
Kitten heels? Yes. Put away your 6 inch pumps and
get trendy and more comfortable with 2-3 inch
heels for your date ;)

Which is your favorite trend?
Any other trends to add? Leave them in the comments. Thanks!


Friday, March 21, 2014


I broke down and bought a new wig the other day. 
My goal was to get something curly but nothing sat right with me, so I went with a long bob.

Check out the video where I get more in depth about the piece

Vivica A fox Hair Collection
~ green product~
(curling iron safe)
WP-Tamara-V (1b)