Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mini Braids and Update

Well another protective style is in place.
 I did mini twists on my natural hair and I thought it looked horrid, so without missing a breath I ran through to the snow to the hair store and got me 4 packs of kenekelon braiding hair. 
Nine hours later I was done. I'm so happy I don't have to pay $120 to get my hair did!

I didn't use much hair out of fear of running short. Also I
wanted a thin, light look, nothing too heavy.


It has bin 2 weeks since I installed the braids. My scalp is doing very well
meaning, little itching and flaking. I have not washed my hair since,
but debating if I should do so next week.
I mist my scalp with water and I apply oil about every 5 days.

At 1 weeks in I noticed my natural hair fuzzing a bit but its all good,
I'm hoping to keep this look for another 3 weeks...
at best, 4.


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