Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review| Mango Seed Restaurant (Bk)

I want to introduce more reviews about places I visit, movies I've seen etc.

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The beginning
My friends and I had reservations for 10pm. We got there about 9.45-9.50 and
were surprisingly seated two minutes later.
Arrive as close to your reserved time as possible. There is no waiting area

Mangoseed is a small establishment. Cozy, dimly lit with a mellow vibe.
(On the website it looks like there is an outside area, which would be
very good in the Spring and summer)
Great for a date night

The waiter was friendly and our drinks and food came
at a good pace (not quick nor slow)
I ordered a traditional Jamaican dish- rice and peas, jerk chicken with plantains.
It was delicious. No complaints about the mac and cheese, wings, meat balls
or fish tacos that my friends ordered.

My drink was splendid. I had a sorrel mojito. Try their famous drink, the 'Bob Marley'
when you go. I heard it's a hit...esp at happy hour!
The 'Spicy Passion fruit Rum-ah-rita' is very spicy ok! lol If you get it, 
don't use a straw to drink it. Taste better without, with less 'kick'

The End
Among 5 people, the bill came to $250 including tax and tip.
Not bad. $50 a person, but we paid according to what we ordered.

The Verdict
I would be returning to the Spring/Summer thought when I can
take advantage of the outside area.

Have you ever bin to this restaurant? Would you go?
Was my review helpful?

Check out their website here

Happy Hour (hrs)
Tues – Thurs: 4pm – 7pm + 10pm – Close
Fri: 4pm – 7pm
Sat: 2pm – 5pm


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