Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trinidad Carnival 2k14 ~ C'est La Vie 3 (That's Life)

Ok now I'm completely jealous of all the people that attended this event. I really miss Trinidad today lol
Events like this I love! It went down today 2.27.14.  All Inclusive on the beach- Maracas Bay from 2- 8pm

There was also live entertainment!!
Sounds like a dream
The downside was the price $125 US ($750 TT) BUT it was probably well worth it!

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God's willing, I will be in that next year!
Are you from the Caribbean?
Your parents? When is your Island's Carnival?



  1. I'm not from the Caribbean, but I swear I must have been born there in a past life, lol! I'd love to go to Carnival one day.

    1. lol I have a friend that says the same thing. Sh'e in Trinidad right now!!! lol You will enjoy it.


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