Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Trends

Here are some looks I came across

1. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
The fringe trend is definitely hot right now. Whether its your cardigan, handbag
or even your scarf that's fringed, you will
 be very much trendy

2. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Draya is rocking a cute matching two piece. This trend
also looks great with a midi skirt

3. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Hitting 3 birds with one pic; cropped tops, joggers and the cool girly-tomboy
look is definitely a few of my faves for this spring.

4. via ladypigalle ~ instagram
Kitten heels? Yes. Put away your 6 inch pumps and
get trendy and more comfortable with 2-3 inch
heels for your date ;)

Which is your favorite trend?
Any other trends to add? Leave them in the comments. Thanks!


Friday, March 21, 2014


I broke down and bought a new wig the other day. 
My goal was to get something curly but nothing sat right with me, so I went with a long bob.

Check out the video where I get more in depth about the piece

Vivica A fox Hair Collection
~ green product~
(curling iron safe)
WP-Tamara-V (1b)


Friday, March 14, 2014


I started a new series on my You Tube Channel called 'Friday Quicky'. 
The idea behind it is to upload quick videos (about 1-3 min each) every Friday; from tutorials/how to's, outfits, vlogs...

This week I started out with styling Joggers


Blaze it Up

Necklace| Danice  Blouse| Danice   Blazer| Danice   Joggers| Danice   Bag| Mom's   Shoes| Rainbow

Sporty Chic TREND!

Lippy| NK 'Violet'   Necklace| H&M   Top| H&M   Shoes| DSW   Wallet?| Strawberry

Tom Boy-ish

Necklace| :/   Top| F21   Boots| Tempo   Bag| Rainbow


Lippy| NK ' Apricot'   Top| Rainbow   Denim jacket| Thrift   Kicks| Puma

Which look is your fav?


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Selfie Sunday

This whole selfie thing has gotten out of hand right?
 No! I love it lol I call myself the selfie queen. I'm forced into it though cause I like taking pics with my phone but I have no one to take it for me most times

Well here I had a little free time and decided to try out a couple simple looks featuring my high waist jeans

 (pics edited (badly) via Instagram)
 Lippie| NK 'Violet'   Top| Thrifted   Necklace| F21   Denim Shirt| H&M   Jeans| Weekend

 Lippie| NK 'Apricot'   Top| Conway   Cardigan| H&M

 Lippie| NK 'Violet'   Top| F21   Cardigan| Independant Vendor

Lippie| NK 'Almond' lipstick & Iris Colors 'Winky Pinky' Lip gloss
Vest| Thrifted  TShirt| Kmart

Hope your week starts off Right!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Casually (faux) Fur

I found this faux fur vest at the thrift store last week and I could not wait to wear it!

I plan on wearing it everywhere  (except class) with anything. It's too cute.

I wore this outfit this past Friday to go to a house lime (hangout) that never happened. C'est la vie lol

 Vest| Thrift    Shirt| h&m    Top|h&m    Leggings| h&m    Shoes| Rainbow      Bag| random


Do you thrift shop? What was your latest find?


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Monday, March 3, 2014

Off Day & Favorite moments ~ The Oscars

Here's a few things I get into on my off day

Mom brought these from her job for me. Bout to get into it

Play in Makeup
Elf: warm pallette  | Elf #12601 |  NYX 'Silky Rose' blush
Color of Rahab dark brown pencil |  Studio Basics brush

Read Blogs

Watch Netflix
Currently watching 'Scrubs' You?

Drink Tea
I'm not picky with tea. I'll try any flavor

I current here reading some recaps of the Oscars ;)

My guesses (in my last post) were off huh? lol

Some of my favorite moments of the Oscars
1. Ellen's opening speech
2. Pharell's performance
3. Ellen's Epic selfie
4. Lupita's win
5. 12 years a slave win
6. Jared Leto's hair and speech
7. Pizza delivery bill ( Ellen tipped $2)
8. etc

What do you do on your off day?
Also did you watch the Oscars? What did you think?

Check Luvvie's Blog for her engaging recap


Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Oscars 2014 ~ Predictions

So the Oscars is tonight! Honestly its the only award show I get really excited about because as you know I'm a movie fiend. I go to the movies constantly!

Im going to play a guessing game on who I think will win :) Im like a child. Bare in mind that some of these movies I have not seen *gasp*!

I will post my answers tonight then update tomorrow with the winners and see if my predictions
were spot on. (Guess along with me) 
I might also do a fashion post.

Ready? Go

1.Best Picture

**WINNER: 12 Years a Slave
My guess: Leonardo DiCaprio
**WINNER: Matthew McConaughey

3. Best Actress- Leading Role

My guess: Meryl Streep
**WINNER: Cate Blanchett

4.Best Actor- Supporting Role

My guess: Bradley Cooper 
**WINNER: Jared Leto

5. Best Actress- Supporting Role

My guess: Julia Roberts 
**WINNER: Lupita Nyong'o

I'll stop here. Who are your choices?


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trinidad Carnival2k14 ~ International SOCA Monarch

This is one of Trinidad's biggest compitions. It goes down the friday before Carnival
Candidates are judged on lyrics, stage performance, Crowd Participation among other things.

Live streaming was on Pay-per-View
I watched a little on my phone until my connection messed up

List of Rules for the competition  here

 Here is the list of Groovy (slower) Soca Finalists

Here is the list of the Power ( faster) Soca Finalists

Read about Soca here

Groovy Soca Winner: Kerwin DuBois
(from metro,

His winning song here (love it!)

Power Soca Winner: Machel Montano

His winning song here

Congrats Boys!!